Nora (2020)



Género: Drama

Estrella: Ane Pikaza | Héctor Alterio | Ramón Barea

IMDb 4.5/ 10 (369 votos)

Director: Lara Izagirre

País: France | Spain



Nora (2020): Nora is 30 years old, lives with her Argentine grandfather Nicolás and regularly takes care of her friend Meri's children. She writes the horoscope in the town magazine, although her dream is to be a travel writer. The death of her grandfather will inherit an old Dyane 6. Although she drives badly, Nora will embark on an aimless road trip along the coast of the Basque Country to end up taking her grandfather's ashes to her grandmother's side. The road will soon teach her that she is not a born traveler and that her dream had nothing to do with her, that it was just an excuse to give herself a chance to be free, to grow, to heal wounds and, for the first time, allow herself to herself to be happy.

Nora (2020)

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