Pepe Caceres (2022) rePelisplus



Género: Biography | Drama

Estrella: Manuel Navarro | Sara Casasnovas | Sebastian Eslava

IMDb 6.0/ 10 (28 votos)

Director: Camilo Molano Parra | Sebastian Eslava

País: Colombia



Pepe Cáceres (2022): Pepe Cáceres lives a cruel childhood. His father inherits him the mark of fear and death by committing suicide. Pepe works for Melanio Murillo in a bullfighting comedy show, where he exploits him. Tired of the precarious conditions, he leaves Murillo, and in an act of courage, he impresses the veteran matador Félix Rodríguez, who prepares him to travel to Spain to achieve his dream. Pepe falls in love with Luz Marina Zuluaga, which puts him in conflict between his passion and adolescent love. He travels to Spain and in his debut, he is gored. Now he must overcome the wound and the ghosts of his childhood if he wants to be someone both in life and in the ring. Finally he achieves fame and regains love. But life always puts him between love and the ambition to leave an eternal legacy.

Pepe Caceres (2022) rePelisplus

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